I can relate to people that are struggling with back pain since I struggled with it myself for a decade.

Foundation Training (FT) was the only practice that helped me to heal my back pain once and for all.

I had tried other corrective movement measures including Yoga and Physical Therapy which only provided me with short term relief. FT was the only movement program that provided me with long term solutions to help eliminate my back pain. It was the exact turning point that I was searching for! 

After practicing FT as a client, I was inspired to become a certified instructor to carry this work forward.  My passion has been centered around exercise and movement for over 35 years. I studied Exercise Science/Sports Medicine at Radford University, worked as a personal trainer, and managed several Golds Gyms.  

I am currently a Level One & Level Two Certified Foundation Training Instructor with 8+ years of experience teaching this corrective/ rehabilitative movement program.

My goal is to help people improve posture, eliminate pain, optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. I enjoy working with my clients of all ages to develop a customized program that addresses their individualized needs and goals.  

I look forward to helping you conquer back pain and move with confidence again!