"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." -Jon Kabat Zinn 


Personal and Customized

Private sessions are typically 1 hour in length and are conducted online or in the convenience of your home. 


Private and semi-private (2-3 people) instruction is the best and safest way to ensure that your workout is tailor-made to address your individual needs and goals.


Personal modifications, adjustments and progressions made by an experienced certified instructor like myself, will have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of your practice. 


Whether you need to rehabilitate an injury, boost your performance, take your existing Foundation Training to another level, or just get out of pain; I can help you.  Every program that I create is designed with the goal of helping you bring your body into better alignment and to put YOU at the center of your health.



Accountability and Consistency

Group classes are a fun and dynamic way to exercise.


Most of my in-person or online group classes offer a 45 minute flow-style format. Benefits include exposure to a social and fun environment, a safe and effectively designed workout, consistent exercise schedule, and a personal accountability factor.


Exercise classes that are structured with a purpose is beneficial. I provide safe & effective exercise programming. I also provide great resources for class participants that are interested in additional approaches to apply toward their wellness toolkit.


Awareness and Education

Education-centered presentation, exercise tutorial, and a mostly intensive experience that focuses on teaching you the basic philosophy, principles, and exercises of Foundation Training.


This workshop is recommended for people suffering from chronic back pain, athletes interested in enhancing their performance and reducing injury risk, and anybody simply interested in properly learning Foundation Training at a higher level.  You'll learn valuable tools that will help improve and bring more awareness to your daily posture and movement, as well as teach your body how to move naturally and efficiently so you can achieve an overall higher level of performance in life.